Do I shoot pets?

I didn’t set out to be a pet shooter, but now I look forward to the opportunity to spend time with owners and their loved ones. Getting a dog to perk its ears up can be more difficult than getting a 2-year-old to stay on set, but the result is rewarding.

One of the best-behaved doggies I know

One of the best-behaved doggies I know


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  • AmyApril 1, 2009 - 14:46

    Wanna shoot our dogs? You can use your camera if you want! 🙂 Enjoying the tips, thanks!

  • kevinApril 2, 2009 - 23:40

    Thanks, Amy. I’m glad you like the tips.

    Being acquainted with your dogs, I’d prefer to work with them individually if that’s okay. 🙂