#saucermagnoliaproject – perspective

Ever since I moved to Pennsylvania, I’ve been enamored with the saucer magnolia trees (Latin name Magnolia x soulangiana) that blossom each April. This year, I indulged my love of those trees and photography and created what I call the Saucer Magnolia Project.

I located several saucer magnolia trees in the tri-county area (Perry – Cumberland – Dauphin) where I reside, and kept an eye on some particularly interesting ones so I could catch their blossoms when they peaked.

When those days came, I set out with a full arsenal of tools (Canon 5D, tripod, and several lenses) to capture them from different perspectives. This encouraged me to become familiar with the trees from a variety of angles, and to capture them in a way that allows the viewer to come away with an appreciation and familiarity of the subject that a single lens might not allow.

In this series of posts, I’ll share photos taken with a few different lenses and techniques. I’ll begin with some taken with a Sigma 28-70mm zoom lens.

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