New for 2016 Studio recitals: Trading cards

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During the past couple of years, folks have expressed to us how they missed having the candy bar keepsakes (with dancer photos on them) from the dance recitals. I spent some time thinking of something we could produce to replace them, and after putting together a workflow that allowed us to do so almost 800 times, we’re ready to share the idea with you.

The 2016 recitals will include the debut of Studio trading cards. They will be available in sheets of four; the photo printer-friendly size of 5″ x 7″ will exactly accommodate four baseball card-sized (2.5″ x 3.5″) trading cards.

Each card includes the Studio logo, the year, and the recital logo. We wanted to keep them inexpensive, so for the weekend of the recital they will be $4 per page ($1 per trading card). After the recital weekend, the price will go up to the standard 5×7 print cost.

Due to the size and orientation of the group shots, they are not available as trading cards, but almost all of the individual and friend photos we took on picture days will be represented (over 700 of them, which will be sorted into separate bins by age group). Each page contains four identical trading cards, so you’ll have extras to share with friends and family, or to trade with fellow dancers. (You might want to bring a pair of scissors–provided you don’t run with them– to the recital to cut out the individual cards, and a marker to add an autograph.)

In case the cards you are seeking sell out, a SmugMug gallery will have all of the cards available for order at the same special pricing (plus shipping and handling) during the recital weekend.

The prints were produced using a dye sublimation printer on glossy photo paper. I think you’ll be pleased with the quality and look forward to your feedback. We hope that Studio trading cards become a pleasant addition to your recital weekend tradition.

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