It’s easy to forget to capture a high-quality portrait of your loved ones. Years can slip by quickly, and before you know it your toddler has lost baby teeth or is wearing braces, and you’ve missed the opportunity to freeze that moment in time.

Smartphone photos are nice for sharing on Facebook, but they usually don’t find their way to a frame on your living room wall. Digital photography has greatly decreased the cost of taking pictures, but libraries of photos can be difficult to manage and might not make the transition when you upgrade your computer or tablet. Hard drives fail, and CDs and DVDs have finite lifetimes. A professional portrait printed at a high-quality lab still has value, even in the twenty-first century.

I take your decision to invest in my services seriously. While a custom portrait represents an investment, it’s one that pays off for generations.

My sitting fee is $149 and includes setup, a two-hour session, and an online proof gallery. Wall portrait pricing begins at $199. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation, before too many more moments pass by.

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