Custom senior and family portraits



Long Shots offers portrait sessions both in the photography studio and on location, which results in a broad collection of options in the final product.

Proof gallery and retouching

Included with every session is an online proof gallery, from which you can select your favorite poses. Those selections are retouched so they are optimized for printing.

Final product

Long Shots offers a variety of products, from canvas wall portraits to archival-quality albums to gift items.

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Kevin Long

I received my first camera at age 8, and began shooting with a 35mm SLR at age 12. After over 20 years of shooting, I made a hobby into a profession by launching Long Shots Photography in 2006. I have since captured portraits of a variety of subjects of all ages. I hold degrees from Miami University and am a member of Professional Photographers of America, the Harrisburg Camera Club, and Perry County Council of the Arts.

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